Bought with a Price

1 Cor. 6:20; 7:23, “For ye are bought with a price” and Acts 20:28, “The Holy Ghost hath  made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.”  Notice first of all that nothing is said in these verses about paying for sins. Oh yes, it was a high price to pay for the Son of God, but this way of speaking proves nothing for the Penal Substitutionary theory.  On Veteran’s Day every year I hear speeches about the “High Price of Freedom,” but yet, if I look at the high cost of this freedom I must ask, if twenty fewer Americans died in World War Two, would we still have won?  What if only one American died in defense of their country during World War two? Could we still talk about the high cost of freedom? We sure could!  It is not that 50,0000 American deaths purchased the victory in the war, but we are all indebted to those who died in defense of our freedom.  In the same manner, one Jesus does not = X  amount of sinners.  The Atonement is not a commercial transaction! Any that come to Jesus are due to Him. It was His sacrifice, and not their good works that allow them to come to Him. 

Some see the term of "redeem" as positing the necessity of a payment. The fact that the exchange of His life for those that believe explains this redemption. There was a cost, and it was not a payment for sins. Payment for sins can be assumed if it is read into this passage, but it cannot be drawn from it. Ransom can also be seen as an exchange without interjecting non-Biblical ideas of payment into it.


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